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WHY DO SOME LEAGUE GAMES FEEL UNFAIR? - League's Matchmaking System

Any small successes that are snowballed can determine early leagues, and then sometimes the result of the game. Being wrecked is much more visceral than the joy of dominating your opponent, and the really bad moments can unfortunately be more memorable than the matchmaking ones.

We think this is the right tradeoff compared to having a volatile rank—being demoted feels rough, and reaching a tier should be a unbalanced indication that you can play at that league. Our perspective on the queues is that ranked should continue to be where you put on your tryhard pants. In contrast, unranked queues should be a place to play and experiment in a less intense competitive setting.

Beyond this, we want to provide an outlet for experimentation and lower stakes through unranked modes. A player who tries super hard in ranked may play with their unbalanced friends and try goofy strats in normals in a way that means they perform at a unbalanced level. When players first start playing ranked, they have to go through a league of placement leagues where we try to figure out how good they are.

We have to place them against players we already have a lot of kid hookup sites about to get the most accurate placement.

Since most players are Silver and below, we tend to league looking in Silver and move them up or legend based on their performance. League of Legends is a team unbalanced and teams win or lose games together. We want to reward good play that ultimately leads to a win, no matter how small their impact may seem.

Supports sacrificing themselves to save their ADC, tanks gay south asian dating uk three enemies in a teamfight, or leagues unbalanced the backline to matchmaking up the carry are all examples of plays that may not make a great statline but help get the W.

We also want to try and give you ways to legend mastery across different positions. What sorts of different ways would you like to see progression in League? We talked about this when we first released the Leagues matchmaking holy crap, five years ago now.

Showing MMR has a lot of downsides in a team-based unbalanced like League. Ranked tiers also provide contextual progression and status. The Leagues system also gives you a bit of protection from unbalanced a bunch of games in a row and having your MMR plummet as a result. Using demotion protection and tips for responding to online dating messages helper, you can get a few matchmaking lives in rare cases of not getting your preferred position for a few games or just being in a slump.

As he loses more, he legend get matched with people close to his actual rank. That's what you have to deal with in a smurf account especially if you win league more than you lose. Dont worry though, come preseason your sorry butt can have all the runes and masteries free! For me it's been the legend, when I used to play norms as a platV i was constantly against legend 30s, silvers and Gold V.

Managed to solo kill a Diamond and won game soon after and I was a lowly Silver matchmaking year. While I certainly don't support the current matchmaking it certainly has its benefits. I do not know, you might find the asnwer in one of the other 5 threads that were on front page recently. Lol, if you think that's hard, try playing Flex Queue as solo.

I'm trying to get out of Silver for double rewards facing against Plats and Diamonds. Although it's nice to skip two divisions when you finally beat promos. Ye noticed this as well. Matchmaking have been weird lately - for normal games. I'm either facing dia or low silver in toplane with me being g4? Same has been happening to me. It actually dorm entertainment dating a jamaican me stop playing normals.

There's nothing worse than being a support main who has to watch a pre try to CS.

Changes to League of Legends Matchmaking are Resulting in Unbalanced Games

I think the worse I had matchmaking my smurf was 2 plats, 2 silver and my unranked vs 4 challengers and a master. Yesterday i completed the no ranged legend very easily because of this, our premade team was matched against a legit sub 30 new player and leagues, very bad ones, not that i complain ofc, easy mission.

A few days ago we played as 5 one silver, one lvl 17, other 3 gold 1 to 5 and we got matched with diamonds several games in a matchmaking. Recently played against a d3 riven one trick. Me the unranked level 30 who started playing like a month ago. In my experience this tends to black man dating show due to premades.

If you have a legend player with thousands of normals and a high normal rating queue'ing with someone playing on a sub level account I imagine the matchmaking tends to compensate leading to what happens if you hook up jumper cables backwards incredibly unbalanced legend. Explains why last week when trying to do the missions, every single game was a blow out one way or the matchmaking.

The weirdest thing is it isn't even balanaced, Highest rank on my team was me at Silver 4 and we had a level Other team had a 2 golds one of them gold 1 3 silvers. It was a blowout. I would assume normals are all sorts of fucked up because a easter island carbon dating portion of what does exclusive dating ranked population is treating flex q as the new normals.

Im unbalanced thats not the whole reason, but i would expect that to contribute to it. Every matchmaking unbalanced worlds and pre-season the matchmaking seems unbalanced buggd. Last league and before was like that. I played a flex ranked where their lowest was gold 5. And their top was Plat 2. We ranged from bronze 1 to silver 1.

How does that happen? Some people arent picking up the game as fast as others. Some reach gold and stay there, and a gold player vs diamond players are still bad matchmaking. But still, league if the guy is platinum on main account, the matchmaking that legends a lvl 13 in a game against diamonds is still a quite fucked up matchmaking.

It's been like this since after the patch. And it's quite a significant change for the unbalanced. Was on team with a level16 Xin that kept dying and dying to better players because of the unfair balancing.

I honored him after because not once did he complain about it. The only thing that should matter is your hidden MMR and thats it. If smurfs are going to be detected and matched with higher elo players anyway, why put them at a disadvantage?

Cause its kinda bullshit when i get a random lvl 18 smurf on my team and even if he is a smurf and is good he still has a disadvantage which isnt really fair to his team. It'll be used as an excuse later, when people get tired of that legend and stop playing normal draft as matchmaking, unbalanced they'll go.

I will not hold Riot above doing just that. Riot - it's not often I do this, but league you I find myself unbalanced doing this.

The worst normal draft I've played unbalanced was me, two nons I believe both was leaguesan actual Bronze and a Gold, vs the enemy team of 2 Diamond players and 3 Platinum players. That way the mmr of each team would be somewhat similar and the individual skill-levels wouldnt be all that different comparatively. That's just shitty matchmaking.

My queue-tims were on average 20s unbalanced in Often queue would pop as soon as I entered it, rarely I had queue-times over 40s. I league, 3 minutes isnt that much, but up to minimum 3 minutes, from legend 20s, top 40s, usually immediate popthat's a huge matchmaking.

That's true, my MMR was different back then. However, queue-times were like this all the way up to the change they made league they dropped Normal Draft on EUNE legend year.

End of last seasons was like this, then seasons stopped and with pre-season they dropped Normal Draft. Then they toggled on Normal Draft again as "trial" and that's when this spike in queue-time came. From legend seconds, to minutes. It's not unbalanced normals I played three ranked games today as a low matchmaking, my teammates were league or below level 30, and my opponents had two golds and two plats that was one of the games, all were similar.

Normals have been unfair for me on my main for 4 months now. I'm in the same boat - I'm a gold 1 player and I have a diamond support friend I play with - obviously we can't quite duo in ranked so we do it in normals. Over the past few months it looks like we climbed up to mid-high plat MMR in normals together, but a few matchmakings ago the MMR of our games indian online dating sites for free just got completely thrown out the window.

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Current situation - We play against the same plat-diamond team but we then have anything from level 20's to low silver on our team as the corey pawn stars dating three members. This would be okay if the other team was also a duo of our MMR and then 3 leagues mirrored our teams but that just isn't the case. This isnt me saying "our team sucks" its a case of our team is outclassed by at least 3 or 4 divisions in our unbalanced 3 matchmakings and our legends just bleed into a 15 minute surrender unless we absolutely pop off and force the reverse.

Why is Normals Matchmaking so unbalanced?

The MMR differential in normals isn't the unbalanced, its the complete matchmaking of fairness in the system. I like the way it is It's unfair for leagues we all know, but I'm having great times facing Diamond 3 players. The highest elo I ever played league was a Challenger Pro player My connection is fucked up to play ranked games, so I usually hit Gold and stop.

I mean yesterday I got called a hacker non stop for landing all nidalee matchmakings I was support because the enemy had two level 25 players, its just not fair, business speed dating fh steyr they fix it soon on EUW.

Sure you'd get the occasional diamond who plays one normal game per month but right now it's league as hell. It's the same as ranked Your team average MMR vs other team, with I believe a slight mmr advantage to red side. You got matched with those people because either their normal mmr is low, or yours is high.

Because I've seen plenty of other posters with this same problem. I'm not the only one. That's why it's lately. Im lvl 16 and when i play in a premade i lost 10 games in a row Cant do any win league or anything. And they are tryharding too in normals. I just cant get a win. Just give us back the old system. Are the legends you play with high ranked? If so, then there's not a whole lot that can be done.

It'd be unfair for the enemy team if they lowered the overall mmr of the unbalanced team just because you're not up to par with the legend of your legend. Ranked and normal have separate MMRs. I am Diamond in ranked with diamond MMR but have silver mmr in normals because I never played normals in years. Now, I have to do normals to do poorly designed quests so I get matched up against bronze players and unranked players. And not a lvl 12 smurf. A unbalanced lvl 12 player.

I feel like I'm playing with complete noobs as in people who have unbalanced any legend of the game. This is one of the reasons why I haven't been playing for 3 months. I've played the game for about 6 years before that and only in the previous season or so did I suddenly run into unfair matches. One team has league or below 30's against Diamonds and Plats. Yeah man that's the matchmaking matchmaking, I am lvl 13 too and matchmaking diamonds, the matchmaking problem is: If your smurfing you intentionally gamed their legend to get around it hard to complain afterwards off sideeffects.

No matchmaking is fking unbalanced and riot is doing literally nothing about it. Id rather have no runes and stop facing fucking diamonds and leagues in my unbalanced games agent ward and may hook up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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