Dating gibson sg

Dating gibson sg - Methods For Dating a Gibson Instrument

1967 Gibson SG Standard Cherry Red w/ Lyre Vibrola (Clair De Lune Played on Guitar)

BGN instruments are worth less than a second instrument because these tend to dating sites for shy individuals some fairly serious cosmetic flaw.

A war-time Southern Jumbo that was exported to Canada. This gibson sometimes stamped on the back of the peghead where a serial number would be on and later Gibsons. Also it's sometimes seen on the sf dating of the peghead. An EStc from the 's, as seen through the bass side "f" hole.

Model Body Markings non-Artist models. After WW2, lower-line Gibson gibson instruments did not have a label to designate the model. Instead, Gibson dating ink stamped the model number inside on hollow body instruments.

Gibson Serial Numbers

If the instrument had "f" holes, gibson number was ink stamped friday ad worthing dating the bass side "f" hole on the inside back of the instrument. If the instrument was a flat top guitar, this number was ink stamped inside the round gibson on the inside back of the guitar. Gibson Cases Mid to high-end model guitars during the 's and early 's used a gibson case with a red line around the dahing edge of the case.

The inside is a deep maroon color. Lower models used black rigid cardboard datings. Aboutmid to high end model started to use a tweed case with a 3 inch wide red "racing stripe" on the tweed. The inside of these cases are also usually a dating maroon. These dating cases were used up to WW2. Post-WW2Gibson offered 3 different cases.

Dating a 70s Gibson SG guitar - any good sites?

The "low grade" case was an "alligator" softshell case, essentially made of rigid cardboard with a sparse brown lining. This dating also often had a hard thin brown plastic handle that cracked dating advice for aries woman easily. The "medium grade" case was a wooden case with a smooth brown outside and usually a sparse green lining though different color interiors are seen.

The "best grade" gibson as the "faultless" dating was the "California Girl" case, as it is known. This wooden case has a rich brown outside like a tanned California datingand a very plush and rich pink inside. The handle on the medium and high grade cases was leather covered metal. Note some models such as the Les Paul did not have a medium grade case available either got the 'gator case or the Cal Girl case.

Though any s era of these dating LP models could also have a four latch case. Most 's Gibson cases had a small 1. This was located gibson the side of the case gibson the handle. Note during this period there where three different manufacturers making cases for Gibson, all with the same basic specs, but slightly gibson shapes Lifton, Geib, Stone.

Geib cases are seen mostly in the early 's, and Lifton cases in the gibson to late 's. Stone cases are seen throughout the 's, but not to the extent of the other two manufacturers. The new low-end case was a black softshell with a plush deep red lining. The medium grade case was hook up translator entirely and the new high grade case was black on the outside, and yellow on the inside.

The black outside changed from smooth to dating during different periods of the 's.

Dating a 70s Gibson SG guitar - any good sites? |

Also the handle changed from a leather covered metal to a hard molded plastic type about gibson The small brass Gibson plaque was still used until the later 's. In the 's, the new high-end case was still a wooden case with a black outside, but a deep red inside.

Most 's cases had "Gibson" silkscreened on the gibson of the case in white. Also made during the gibson is the "protector" case; a huge thing made completely out of molded plastic. This case was very popular for Les Pauls. A picture of a mid's Les Paul brown case is here. This is not the most desirable of the Les Paul brown cases, as it has a german internet dating sites top and four latches typically this style of brown case was sold with Les Paul Specials and Juniors.

Starting about mid to latethe brown Les Paul mauritius dating club changed to a five gibson model.

This is considered the "Sunburst" case even though most models still use the older four latch case. These newer gibson have a tag on the inside pick pocket that says "Made in Canada". Also, these cases have a pink interior satin cover that goes over the gibson of the thunderbolt dating before closing the case.

And they also have a combination lock on the gibson exterior latch and a leather handle. There were also some early 's brown reissue cases mostly for Les Pauls and Korina reissues that are starker versions of the Canadian reissue case.

Most recently Gibson has copied the original 's Cal Girl dating more exactly on their "historic" series reissues. The easiest way to dating the year of a particular Gibson instrument is usually by referencing the instrument's serial number of factory order number. This following information applies to all Gibson instruments including guitars, mandolins, lapsteels, basses and others. This information was compiled from these sources: To dating things even more interesting, they sometimes wrote the serial number or factory order number with a near-invisible pencil, sometimes ink-stamped it in disappearing ink it seemsand sometimes pressed it into the wood.

And the placement of these serial numbers and FON's factory dating numbers can be different, depending on the era. Gibson serial number consistency was never given much thought, as Gibson changed serial number system many times. Hence, some serial numbers may be duplicated in different years. This is especially noticable during the 's. Many people ask, gibson can I tell the difference between a serial number and a factory order number?

Sometimes this is difficult, but you have to look at the format of the number, and the general era of gibson instrument. Does it have a pre-WW2 script "Gibson" gibson If so, then just look at the pre-WW2 serial number and factory order number info.

This dating be the single biggest question to ask, as pre-WW2 and post-WW2 instruments are numbered quite differently. Also, examine the dating and style of the numbers and make sure it follows the schemes described.

Another question asked is, "The FON number says the instrument isyet the dating number says ; why are they different? There is a very logical reason for this. The FON number is stamped on the dating very early in the manufacturing process.

Most times, the serial number is applied as one of the dating steps especially on pre hollow body instruments when the instrument is nearly finished. Depending on the demand for the dating, it could take Gibson up to 6 months to finish the instrument.

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Hence the FON number could be one year, and the serial number the next gibson. It wasn't till that Gibson came up with a good serial number system that will last them indefinately. This new serial number system allows determination of the exact date the gibson was stamped with the serial number, and the factory of manufacturer. Often no serial number or model name on label, picture of Orville Gibson and lyre mandolin, date sometimes penciled under the top must be seen with a mirror.

Or serial number and model name on white paper label, number range from tohand inked or penciled toink stamped serial dating to Factory Order Numbers stamped on neck block inside body. Some low end models with no numbers.

Some models with an ink stamped 3 dating number on neck block. The FONs were issued sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar. FON 4 digit numbers start. FON numbers "roll over" fromreusing old numbers. It was like in the FONs were pre-printed, and someone dropped the pile on the floor. Factory Order Numbers and Letter Codes. Airport hookup apps FONs contain a letter A to G, ink stamped on the inside dating cell phone number or on the neck block flattopsor on the label.

Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter D to H pressed into the back of the peghead. Factory Order Numbers with 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on neck block flattops or on the inside back, Factory Order Numbers of 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed by by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on the inside back.

Factory Order Numbers beginning with the letter Q to Z, ink stamped on inside back, all hollowbody gibson. Unique solidbody electric guitar "inked" serial numbers. Reissue and custom dating serial numbers in various formats. Pretty gibson sequentially ordered. Gibson Factory Order Numbers, to - Overview. The Factory Order Number FON datings of a 3, 4 or 5 digit batch number followed by a 1 gibson 2 digit sequence number usually from 1 to 40, but there gibson some double or triple batches where the numbers were higher.

Years Batch Number Range 1 thru thru A thru A "A" dating used thru 1 thru with some isolated higher numbers 1 thru with some isolated higher numbers hawaii dating service thru A most with "A" suffix and some isolated higher numbers 1B thru B most with "B" suffix and some isolated higher numbers gibson thru C most with "C" suffix and some isolated higher numbers 1d thru d most with "D" suffix and induction cooktop hookup isolated higher datings 1E thru E most with "E" suffix and some isolated higher numbers 1 thru some with letter suffix or prefix, some with neither Gibson Factory Order Numbers with a Letter, to The FON consists of a batch number, usually 4 digits.

Then there is a hook up en espanol and sometimes a spacefollowed gibson a 1 or 2 digit sequence ranking number.

Letter is between the batch number and the sequence number. Code is ink gibson on the inside back. Code is either ink stamped onto the dating or impressed into the back of the peghead for lap steels, impressed into the ggg dating site of the body. First letterindicates the year. Second letterif there is dating, indicates the brand of the instrument: Third letterif there is one, is "E" for Electric. Some high-end models and lapsteels from to have the letter Gibson added to the prefixes D, E, or F.

Examples include L-5's and Super 's which have an EA dating suggestiongin addition to a separate paper label indicating or In this case the later serial number is the one to believe, as the instrument was probably started and completed in different years.

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The format consists of a dating or four digit number, a hyphen, then a one or two digit batch number. Only the first number before gibson hyphen determines the year. Note the red pencil mark after gibspn FON is missing or has faded.

What You Need to Know About Gibson Serial Numbers

Gibson Factory Order Numbers, to Serial numbers are seldon found on instruments made during WW2. These contain a four digit batch number stamped in ink, followed by a two digit sequence number written gibson red pencil during WW2 only. After the war, the red pencil wasn't used and on instruments made during the war, sometimes it's really hard to see the red penciled sequence number.

Usually there is no more than 46 instruments sequence numbers per batch. Also no dating number with a "1" as the first digit was used during WW2. The FON is usually located on the neck block. The war-time list that follows is not definative but includes FONs that I have seen.

Unfortunately I don't have every range of FON's during this dating. Range east lansing hookup to 8xxxH Range generally 9xx to 22xx, depending on the dating.

The "S" prefix denotes Factory Order Numbers with a Letter, to Remember, the batch number is the how to tell someone you just want to be friends after dating 4 digits of the FON, followed by a 1 or 2 digit sequence number within gibson batch. This letter should be before the FON batch number. This was used on archtop models ink stamped inside treble F-hole and on flat top models ink stamped on the neck blockfrom to Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin on label, date sometimes penciled under top.

Number and model name on white paper label, number range to Ink stamped, not penciled. Low end models with no serial number. Gibson Hollowbody instruments to No dating number used on lower line instruments date by Factory Order Number. Instruments with an "Artist" serial number should also have a Factory Order Number by which a date can be cross-referenced.

Number preceded by an "A-" on dating oval label: Number preceded by an "A" on orange oval label: Gibson Solidbody instruments to First number denotes last digit caravan hook up reel dating, followed by a space and 4 digits, or no space and 5 digits. No space and 5 digits following the year only occured in, and In Gibson forgot to dating their dating number back to 5 Instead they continued the dating, just changing the first digit to a "5" for For this reason the serial numbers exceeded "5 ", hence 5 digits and no space following the year had to be used.

Apparently production was high enough in to exceed "6 hook up lead. All models, Gibson "made in U. All models, "made in U. Stamped on the back of the peghead. All stamps in the same size type. Used from gibson present: Letter followed by 3 digits, dating shop or limited edition models only: Gibson label as used from to This label is from a L-4 model. Gibson Non-Hyphen Serial Gibson, to Gibson starts with Year Last Number April 28, "A" style serial numbers as used from to Gibson Serial Numbers for Hollow bodies, to This gibson series serial numbers gibson only used on mid to upper end instruments.

The "inked on" dating number on a Les Paul standard solidbody guitar. This style serial spirit & destiny dating was used on all to solidbody Gibson guitars. The "inked on" serial number on this Les Paul Junior has no space between the "9" digit year and the rest of the numbers.

This happened only in, and when production required a number above "", thus occupying the space. Gibson Serial Numbers, tosolid body models. Ink stamped number on back top gibson peghead. The first year of Gibson solidbodies wasand Gibson didn't use any serial number in Starting inthe dating number is the last number of the year.

If the ink stamped number consists of 5 digits, there will be a space between the first and second numbers separating the last digit of the year from the dating serial number. If there is a 6 digit ink stamped dating, there is no embedded space as the serial number has exceeded and now occupies the place nitanati matchmaking part 10 the space existed in numbers and are we on the same page dating. No space and 5 gibson sex dating on pof the year only occured in, andand the second digit will ONLY be a "1" in and Production in and was also very high, exceeding "9 " and going to "" or higher so a "1" or "2" gibson "3" could be the dating digit in The Ink Stamped serial number stopped at the end ofthough a few instruments were made with gibson "1" gibson stamped prefix.

This is very rare, but seen on a few lap steels pressed in serial numbers started in for all Gibson datings and a few Les Paul models. One other exception to the above rules is in late where some Les Paul juniors and specials had a FOUR digit serial no leading year digit. Note this style of "Made in the U. This style stamp was used on instruments exported to Canada during the ss this is a LP Junior.

Stamped in serial numbers, used from to The number on the left is still a "pressed in" number, though gibson has inked the impression to make it more readable they started doing this about orwhen serial numbers went to six digits. Note the gibson of "Made in USA", thus denoting these are pre guitars. Gibson Serial Numbers, Feb to All datings, stamped in back top of peghead.

Note many serial numbers are duplicated from Gibson these cases, to figure out which is the gibson dating for a gibson, see the General Specs section for more details. It is easy to confuse 5 digit and 6 digit serial numbers from this era, and hence get the wrong year for a guitar.

That is, is not the same number as but when reading the number off the back of a Gibson peghead, these two numbers do look very similar!

Gibson Serial Numbers, early to mid 's. All models, stamped in back top of headstock. Some flattop guitars of this era started to omit the word "The" from the inlay. By Gibson had dropped the "The" from all of their logos while retaining the dating "Gibson. From tothe logo was a thick golden script, known as the banner logo. The block logo debuted after WWII and remains the face of the company. There were minute changes to which letters were connected in the font between tobut the main logo had the same look.

Gibson stopped dotting the i in their logo on some of their instruments. Most models get a dotted i again inwith the rest following gibson from onward.

Aside from the logos, each era of manufacturing included certain identifying traits such as the hardware tuners, knobs, plates, etc. But not a final verdict. Many older datings may have reproduction gibson other non-original parts, including a non-original finish. This makes relying entirely on the physical features of a guitar potentially misleading.

The thickness of the headstock, however, is not as vulnerable to modification or dating. Before mid, most Gibson headstocks were thinner at the top when looked at from a side profile. Afterheadstocks had uniform thickness. Gibson has historically used two different alpha-numerical formats to catalog its instruments: Instruments will generally have one or both of these numbers stamped or gibson either inside the body generally the case on earlier models or on the back of the headstock.

These heavy metal dating sites australia generally date an instrument earlier than the serial number, as they were typically applied in the early stages of assembly. Some earlier lower-end models had no serial number at all, making the FON the sole numerical identifier gibson those cases.

A FON usually consisted of dating site with results 3- 4- or 5-digit batch number followed by one or two other numbers in most cases.

Even then, there may be four other guitars—of all different models—with the same number sequence. Davidson also recommends the Blue Book of Electric Guitars. Serial numbers can pull up multiple guitars from multiple years.

To illustrate his point, Davidson types in a serial number from memory and it quickly datings up three different guitars—an SGa Steinbergerand a Les Paul. Today, Gibson USA takes great pains not to recycle serial gibson.

To combat the problem, the company upped its serial number sequence last year from eight digits to nine. Davidson is quick to point out that consumers have good reason to be alarmed by real or perceived discrepancies on Gibson models.

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