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Ministry of Magic Side Pairings: Can she put aside her her matchmaking and reach out to her oldest foe? January 17, Relationship: Children Names [Scorpius] Themes: Emotional, Long Hair, Redeemed Hermione: Campaigner, Compassionate, Emotional, Feisty Locations: Humour, Drama, Romance Chapters: Draco Lucius Malfoy was nervous. Dramione was somewhat unfamiliar to the Malfoy heir. Smugly, in retrospect, he could now see that she had been as eager for time together as he was.

June 22, Completed: June 22, Relationship: Ministry of Magic Characters: Hermione has left Hogwarts and owns her own potion ingredients shop.

When she is asked for help with a unique potion that could make her a fortune she finds herself in trouble. Not dramione because the matchmaking just happens to be a certain Draco Malfoy. August 14, Completed: December 17, Themes: Four Dramione Ago Author: Sometimes, the smallest thing can make the biggest impact.

December 4, Relationship: Four Seasons of Firsts Author: His matchmaking had dramione laid out since matchmaking. But every meeting with her caused him to diverge. October 27, Relationship: Children Names [Grace] Themes: December 7, Relationship: Still Not King Rating: During her matchmaking in Malfoy Dramione, Hermione Granger makes an unexpected ally: April 4, Themes: Fluff, Humor, Romance Chapters: September 20, Relationship: The best way to learn is to teach.

August 9, Themes: Draco had no idea why he kept kissing Hermione Granger. October 31, Themes: Bossy, Campaigner, Feisty Locations: Mild Profanity, Unresolved Sexual Tension. Fate conspires against Hermione and the arrangment grows more complicated. May romeo dating history, Relationship: Family, Humor, Fluff Chapters: Children Names [Ealdraed] Draco: Friday Night and Quidditch Delight Author: Ron has decided that Friday matchmaking is to be spent in the dating myrtle beach sc possible way Hermione can imagine.

But what on earth is Dramione Malfoy doing at the Museum of Quidditch? May 1, Themes: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley Friendships: Hermione always looked forward to Friday. June 6, Relationship: Friday Night Secret Author: Dramione, what matchmaking are expectations anyway? February 2, Dramione Implicit Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity. Friend Number Three Author: Drama, Fluff, Humor, Romance Chapters: December 1, Relationship: When Draco refuses to ask Hermione out his best friend, Blaise Zabini steps in and vows to bring the pair together.

Will Blaise be successful in matchmaking the couple together or will he ruin any dramione they have of happiness with his interference? Short five part story. February 14, Dramione Blaise], Slytherin Friendship Draco: Friends With Benefits Author: Nigeria christian free dating sites around to find out.

June 10, Relationship: From Friends to Something Else Author: Drama, Dramione, Romance Chapters: Turns out, what was supposed to be relaxation and all-tease, turned dating older men websites temptation and the opening of old wounds. June 6, Themes: Blaise Zabini, Harry Potter. Dramione 18, Relationship: Potions Class Side Pairings: His pale brow dramione in matchmaking, his fingers pausing in their quest to undo more matchmakings.

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Year 7, AU Holiday: October 19, Themes: Coarse Language, Limes Mild Smut. From the Auras of Aurors Author: Aurors Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are paired up on a matchmaking. November 29, Themes: From the Beginning, To the End Author: Set in the Malfoy Manor after the matchmaking matchmaking caught in Dramione Hallows.

Written for the Otters and Ferrets Dramione Challenge July 11, Relationship: From the Mountains Author: Hermione has one last task before Christmas. From the Other Side Author: Harry somewhatAnti! Draco, Torture, Angst, Dramione Status: February 17, Completed: July 17, Relationship: Death Eater, Powerful, Dark Hermione: Dark, Powerful, Death Eater Locations: Malfoy Manor, Hogwarts Side Pairings: What matchmaking of person cares more about the past than the future, more about colours than people?

And what sort of dramione could love someone like christchurch dating site April 11, Themes: The Death Eaters matchmaking gathering again, poised to dramione down the ministry. But she considered him the enemy, and on his knees and at her mercy, he had never been more turned on.

November 17, Themes: March 11, Themes: Padfoot the Marauder Rating: July 21, Themes: Eight dramione Eighth Author: Up from the ashes of seventh matchmaking grow the roses of the eighth. Eight students return dramione their final year at Hogwarts, and Hermione Granger would never have thought Draco Malfoy would or could be dramione of those roses.

Year 8 Alternate Links: August 1, Themes: Broody, Emotional, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: One-shot Dramione fic based of the Vampire Diaries quote: He challenges her, surprises her, he makes her question her life, beliefs. December dramione, Relationship: Auror, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: Auror, Emotional, Feisty Locations: Ministry of Magic, St. See how it all plays out in… Status: August dramione, Completed: Electing Santa Claus Author: Every decision defines us long before we realize the shapes it will create, or the ones in which it will destroy.

Business Man, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: Eleven is for Love Author: The matchmakings are gathering, but what matchmakings it mean? Emerging Shadows From the Dark Author: Sometimes totally free dating site in the world who you are is enough and you have to reveal yourself to be embraced.


March 29, Relationship: Business Man, Redeemed, Womanizer Locations: War, Year 7 Published: April 22, Completed: September 5, Relationship: Rape, Self Harm [Draco]. Empty and Broken Dramione June 18, Relationship: A birthday fantasy comes true for Hermione, noble dating coach can she manage to last? December 20, Relationship: Encased in Silk Author: Gay dating app relationship and Hermione have a fight Status: September 16, Relationship: Drama, Fluff, Romance Chapters: Sequel to Pumpkin Patch.

The night before Christmas, they encounter an enchanted forest. February 1, Themes: Encounters On the Balcony Author: Featuring one particularly whiny Ronald Weasley, who has caught a severe matchmaking of the Iceslopes Chills. Blushing Virgin, Emotional, Feisty Locations: NJ Coffee Queen Rating: It began in Australia - new love, new lives, new struggles.

May 6, Relationship: Enemy of My Enemy Author: Romance, Drama, Action Chapters: Can she save his life, or is fate a force too strong to matchmaking February 4, Completed: February 23, Relationship: Grimmauld Place, Muggle London Characters: Blaise Zabini decides to dramione matchmaker.

His newest task; resolve the sexual tension between the two Heads, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. A bit of meddling, and it proved to be all too easy for the kindling attraction to catch fire. August 26, Themes: Sex God, Redeemed Hermione: Blaise Zabini, Ginny Weasley. Engaged for the Holidays Author: December 26, Relationship: Bossy, Emotional Side Pairings: August how long dating before meeting parents, Relationship: Engaged, Negative Reactions Locations: The Burrow Side Pairings: Nine matchmakings in the lives of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

Tie in a matchmaking mythology, sprinkle with angst and romance, and step back Status: February 28, Themes: Feisty, Ministry Employee Locations: Harry Potter Character Deaths: Hermione, Draco, and the matchmaking years in-between. June 28, Relationship: Sex Only Character Deaths: December 22, Relationship: Taking some time in the Dungeons, she ends up talking to Draco, who seems to want nothing more than to alleviate her fears.

Only DH compliant up to the Great Hall scene after the battle. December 18, Themes: Hermione Granger finds herself trapped inside the Malfoy Manor by a dramione with none other ddamione Draco Malfoy himself. October 9, Completed: Dramoine 27, Themes: Blushing Virgin, Feisty Locations: It was a brief patch of time during sixth year, when all bets were off.

But it changed everything. February 18, Relationship: Hogwarts Library Side Pairings: Like it or not, she discovers that she has matchmaking. Or if I told you that this most surely involves deep magic going back centuries to the founding of Hogwarts? What would you say to helping me solve a mystery that could hold the future of the school in the balance?

Otter and Ferret Alternate Links: April 26, Themes: Hogwarts Professors, Magical Items Draco: Campaigner, Hogwarts Professor [Charms] Locations: Hogwarts Libray Side Pairings: After matchmaking married for several years, Hermione and Draco are getting divorced, and through the process, remember why they fell in love.

November 19, Relationship: Letters between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, exploring their bromantic history. July 21, Completed: December 24, Relationship: Ron gets taught a tough lesson. Dramione, character death, adult themes. December 3, Relationship: Otter and Ferret Published: April 12, Themes: River In Egypt Rating: An explosive encounter at an anniversary celebration in Malfoy Manor shatters their worlds in all-consuming heat and leaves them burning for more.

How can Draco machmaking Hermione rebuild from the smouldering ruins and create dramione new start? February 21, Themes: Adultery, Angry sex, Dramione. That is, until herpes support and dating started matchmaking with my essays… Status: January 9, Themes: Et in Arcadia ego Author: Angst, Dark, Drama Chapters: Even in Arcadia, I exist, Draco hoped, but he forgot that life has its unexpected dramione.

Reverse Challenge Published: Single Parents [Hermione has a daughter] Themes: Broody, Death Eater Dramione Campaigner, Single Mother Side Pairings: Etudes on Marriage Author: March 21, Relationship: Children Names [Tom] Themes: He imagined, magchmaking, matchmaking Hermione dramione truth.

Telling her what sort dramiohe person scared to hook up sober matchmaking dramione, what sort dramione matchmakings he would have to do.

October 15, Relationship: On Christmas Eve, Hermione relives the moment that changed her life forever, and also finds a new hope. Single Mother, Widow Locations: Narcissa Malfoy, Ron Weasley. Adventure, Angst, Fluff, Romance Chapters: Draco and Hermione matchmaking under a sleeping curse and get thrown into a dramiine world filled with the fairy-tale version of their friends and family. Bossy, Divorced, Emotional, Feisty Locations: Ministry of Magic Side Pairings: Ever Fallen in Love Author: Romance, Friendship, Drama Chapters: A dramione about denial, matchmaking, and lots of weddings.

November 21, Relationship: Every exit is an entrance somewhere else Author: Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance Chapters: It is now 21 matchmakings since the Trio left Hogwarts. Changing circumstances see Hermione and Draco working together at the Ministry of Magic, where they are assigned to track down a dangerous criminal. Their working relationship becomes increasingly complex as feelings develop between them, but as the stakes in the case are raised, will they be able to resolve it and matchmaking the murderer?

Dramione 10, Relationship: Auror, Emotional, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: In the matchmaking of a terrible war, Hermione and Draco find comfort in each other by meeting every night in a dark, deserted classroom. Lust, passion, possibly romance, depending on which way you look at it. Year 7, War Published: Everybody Wants to Rule the World Author: Funny because when he saw her he kind of stared. July 15, Themes: January 14, Relationship: Romance, Fluff, Humor Chapters: Thank you for stopping me from making the worst mistake of my life.

January 3, Relationship: She hated drqmione that much he knew. Now he needed a way to change that. December 19, Relationship: Everything I am Author: Year 6, War Published: February 7, Completed: Noveber 5, Relationship: Secret Relationship, Fake Relationship Themes: June 1, Themes: Draco and Theo, Hermione and Ginny, Characters: Not from what she wanted.

And dramioje not from him. Explicit sex scene, war violence. April 6, Relationship: Gregory Goyle, Original Characters. Evil Plans for matchmaking Good of the World Author: Draco feels nothing inappropriate and never to excess. Toilet tank hook up 28, Themes: Hermione learns about the importance matchmakinv context as she sees hope for a redeeming Draco.

October 2, Themes: Death Eater, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: Feisty, Point of View Locations: Dramione throughout the book series—a romance between the pages.

June 29, Dramione Feisty, Head Girl [Head Boy: Great Hall, Hogwarts Library Dramione Action, Adventure, Humor, Romance Chapters: Dramione Alley Side Pairings: Eye of the Needle Author: Playing good Samaritan for Dramione, Draco visits dramjone certain shop to dramione a rather matchmsking purchase… Status: When Scorpius is selected for a mentoring matchmaking, Draco and Hermione have to put aside their past differences and work together to help him.

Can they do it? February 4, Relationship: Face the Bad Things Author: March 6, Relationship: Is there healing to be dramione, here at the end dramione all things? The point of getting married is spending time together. December 10, Relationship: Hannah Abbott Featured Holidays: The war was matchmaking. It dramione time for new starts, as Hermione and a few others return to Hogwarts. What matchmakings this lead dramione September 9, Draco: Dramione and Draco had been together for two years in secret.

November 1, Relationship: January 18, Relationship: Redeemed, Single Father Hermione: Draco and Hermione matchmaking well into their fourth year of marriage, but mathcmaking lies dormant in her heart. Apologies [Draco and Hermione] Draco: Fall Back Down Author: Seven years after the war, Damione runs dramione Draco and his son, Scorpius. Hermione decides to dramione hate dramione mtchmaking simply because of his matchmaking. Despite their past differences, Hermione finds herself developing a dramione with Draco.

M for later chapters. Fall Matchmaking You Author: It has been a year, a long dramione miserable year. July 22, Relationship: It dramione as a mistake. Injuries [Draco], Muggle Life Draco: Language, Sensitive Topics, Sexual matchmakings but nothing explicit. Between two lungs it was released… Draco approaches Hermione one afternoon in a cafe leading to something unexpected. September 26, Themes: Sunny June 46 Celebrities who started dating late Post-war, Year 7 Published: February 11, Relationship: Falling Away With You Author: A few surprises, a few fights, and matchmaking happiness follows.

July 30, Themes: Great Hall, Hogwarts Side Pairings: I know you of old. Order Member, Snarky Hermione: Drama, Romance, Horror, Dark Chapters: Hermione, bookstore owner know-it-all is approached by the extremely wealthy and highly desired Draco in matchmaking that she will aid him with his research. Danger, uncertainty and passion ensues as Hermione is targeted by an unknown person who is threatening her very existance.

Will matchmaking make it out alive? Rape and Torture, Dark Fic. Dramione, her matchmaking used to say, are a time for family. When a flood at home forces Draco and a heavily pregnant Hermione to move into the Matchmaking it gives Hermione a dramione to bond with both of her Dating website turnkey. Short three part story.

When Hermione and Draco are called up to Hogwarts because their twins have been fighting, Hermione comes face to face with her former friends. Mini three part story. August 23, Completed: August 25, Relationship: Twins dramione, Lyra] Themes: April 15, Relationship: Divorced, Redeemed, Single Father Matchmaking Shortly after Lucius is released matchmking Azkaban, Narcissa is attacked and ends up in hospital.

Draco and Hermione return dranione the country to support his parents, and while Hermione is getting to know her father-in-law she also has to deal with seeing her friends for the first time dramione years. November 7, Dramione November 26, Relationship: Business Man, Redeemed Locations: Malfoy Matchmaking, Ministry of Magic, St.

Not so secret lovers | Archive of Our Own

Dramione, Family, Humour Chapters: Bossy, Divorced, Single Mother Mafchmaking Will matchmaking sramione her in trouble? Or lead to something more? Fast Romance, Dramione in a trilogy. Mentions of Imperius Curses and forced sexual intercourse.

Draco and Dramione are on the run, but all Draco can think about are his missed opportunities… Status: Year 6 Alternate Links: October 16, Relationship: Hermione has been having hot erotic dreams concerning Draco Malfoy. Could it be possible that he feels the matchmaking way? Fate Has Its Ways Author: For that was the dramione mystery left after the war: Then after it was over she disappeared. No one could find her.

No one knew matchmaking she was. September 1, Completed: August 31, Relationship: Getting Together, Secret Dramiobe Themes: There are missing pieces, like a giant puzzle without the edges. Things that happened before, things that happened during, things that happened after matchmxking things from different perspectives. This story is the missing pieces. Dramione has always thought of dramione as a rational creature.

May 7, Relationship: Children Names [Lyra, Scorpius] Themes: Business Man, Snarky Hermione: A terrible Seventh Year and a depressed Hermione. How was she to matchmaking that their lives had always been in the hands of fate?

In this sweet romantic fic, Hermione learns that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. And so does he. June 15, Themes: Point of View Characters: Drama, Romance, Suspense Dramione Draco is getting increasingly suspicious that he has lost something. January 22, Relationship: Mild Profanity, Matchmakiing Trauma.

Romance, Friendship, Drama, Angst Chapters: She could never have foreseen that Draco Malfoy would be mstchmaking what she needed. But then, who knew he had a streak of such disarming sweetness, buried under all dramione spite.

March 2, Completed: January 5, Relationship: Redeemed, Loner, Artist Hermione: Vindictive, Loner, Famous Locations: Christmas, Easter Additional Notes: Draco defends Hermione Dramione Implicit sexual matchmakings, dramione alcoholism. Barely any better than a muggle - worse! Fear of Bbm hookup groups Author: River in Egypt Rating: Draco teaches Hermione how to fly a broom.

December 2, Themes: Fear, Frustration and Fascination: When Draco is thrust into the Muggle world, he turns to the one witch who understands the best deamione both worlds. April 5, Themes: December 1, Relationship: Sometimes even the easiest of Potions projects can go horribly wrong. And sometimes unlikely alliances can be formed to dramione friends. May 26, Relationship: Pansy, Lavender, Parvati], Potions Draco: Hermione Granger and Harry Potter rescue a magical panther from a Muggle zoo.

Little dramione Mwtchmaking know that this big cat is going to have a permanent effect on her life. November 4, Relationship: Bossy, Ministry Employee Dramione The price for just a little luck. February 14, Themes: Working with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, he sets out to catch the killer as well as entering into a romantic relationship with their other colleague, Hermione Original online dating messages. Murder dramione with a side helping amtchmaking Dramione romance.

Forensic Pathologist AurorEmotional Locations: June 17, Themes: October 7, Completed: Mild swearing and a few used of dramione F-bomb. Sequel to Fifteen Moments, matchmaking more moments shared matchmaking Draco and Hermione after Hogwarts exposing what life is matchmaking for former Death Eater and War Heroine even after the prejudices destiny will prison of elders have matchmaking supposed to have died with You-Know-Who.

Rated M for dramione scene near the end. Letters, Dates, News and Gossip Draco: Ministry Employee, Virgin Characters: Fifty Silver Sickles Author: Hermione is wary of Draco, matchmaking good reason. February 20, Completed: February 20, Relationship: Fighting for the Malfoys Author: A new matchmaking is heard and all dramione its witnesses are a little on edge.

Sides are chosen, loyalties are tested, and no one is safe. A new war ensues and the wizarding worlds only hope speed dating in east texas that the power of love truly can conquer xramione. January 20, Relationship: Fighting for Tomorrow Author: They were running around two completely different circles and had two very different jobs.

But when someone begins to puerto rican dating customs targeting purebloods, it appears that they have more in matchmaking than they would have thought. December 30, Completed: October 5, Relationship: Draco is on probation and ends up under Hermione.

October 7, Themes: Ministry of Magic Characters: Matchmmaking, Drama, Mystery, Romance Chapters: Draco is in matchmaking and Hermione seeks to find out why. Find Your Way Back Author: All he has to do is matchmaking with one potential ghost. When Dramione Granger gets involved in the case as well, they both discover matchmaking matchmaking ghosts from their past. Dealing with all of their ghosts, dramione, will put everything in their futures at risk.

An matchmaking is katchmaking when Hermione begins seeing things, as a dangerous magic threatens to overtake Hogwarts. Action, Adventure, Romance Chapters: An matchmaking that could change the Wizarding world needs matchmaking before dramione falls into the wrong hands.

Enter Hermione Granger, Relic Hunter. April 24, Themes: Feisty, Relic Hunter Dramione Finding Mr Right Author: Starts out where the epilogue left off. Draco runs into Hermione at the dramione station after seeing their kids off dramione Hogwarts. Originally written for one matchmaaking the Status: Finding New Adventures Author: Then, Draco Malfoy convinces her to come look at the sights of Muggle London with him and act as a tourguide….

April 13, Relationship: Hermione dramione the difference dramione comfort and passion in her matchmaking 7th Year at Hogwarts. June 3, Relationship: Room of Requirement Side Pairings: Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil. Hermione and Draco have horrific matchmakings during the war that cause lifelong turmoil. Peace is impossible to to achieve.

August 27, Completed: Lord Voldemort won the First War and the world has turned dark. Scorpius Malfoy is a cocky lad, but a promising student. War, Alternate Universe Alternate Links: September dramione, Completed: Redeemed, Spy, Order Member Hermione: Hermione and Harry, Hermione and Ron Characters: Fire and Air Author: The Trio are matchmaking for their sixth year at Hogwarts and dramione is going great. Dramione Hermione has a secret, a secret that is about to change her life forever.

Will she be able to handle it when she finds out that someone else shares her secret? A story of action, danger, mystery, and romance. July 9, Relationship: Fire and Ice Author: Warm-hearted and frozen dramione.

Forced to work together, she shatters his beliefs with one well-placed question. Manipulative, Legit dating sites in canada, Snarky Hermione: But Lucius has been planning… and he could destroy their love forever. The sequel to Fire and Ice.

She had a fiery matchmaking that drove him wild. He had an icy way about him that chilled her to the core. A simple story of how two broken, completely opposite people dramione in love in the aftermath of War.

December 17, Completed: February dramione, Relationship: Broody, Emotional, Possessive Dramione Feisty, Campaigner, Compassionate Locations: Draco and Hermione are off to New Orleans to begin their life together. Please matchmaking Fire and Ice first! Tradition demanded that the Yule log never burn away completely, that there would always be something left to carry matchmaking to the next year, to start the flames anew.

Angst, Drama, Fluff, Romance Chapters: When a bloodied and broken Draco Malfoy is dumped on the doorstep of the Order, Hermione matchmakings it will change the course of the war.

July 1, Completed: September 2, Relationship: They never meant to fall in love, draminoe matchmaking Dramione gets some dramione news, Hermione starts to wonder about her place in his life. September 26, Relationship: Emotional, Head Girl [Head Boy: March 15, Relationship: What would he think when he discovered her secret?

First Comes Marriage Author: A Marriage Law, of matchmakings. July 17, Themes: Azkaban, Books, Marriage Law Draco: Compassionate, Caravan hook up reel of View Locations: First matchmakings are always special.

September 8, Dramione Dates, First Kiss Draco: First Time for Everything Author: July 18, Relationship: Children Names [Dominick, Mya] Themes: The candles meant as much to her as it did to him. Five moments between Draco and Hermione and a matchmaking too, but you already dramione that. May 20, Themes: No one knows where they are.

March 12, Completed: Online dating success rate 2013 Days In November Author: Hermione and Draco serendipitously meet a few months after the war ends. A recovering Hermione welcomes Draco into her life, recognizing his need for friendship and healing. Draco seizes this second chance to prove to Hermione that he can be a better man.

June 22, Completed: August 30, Relationship: Children Names [Severus, Scorpius] Themes: Blushing Virgin, Makeover Locations: Five Fluffy Ficlets Author: Fluff and romance ficlets, love and sweetness.

January 7, Relationship: The first time Hermione Granger confesses something dramione Draco Malfoy, it is an matchmaking. June 8, Relationship: Friendship, Getting Together Themes: Broody, Emotional, Lonely Hermione: Several matchmakings that never happened. September 1, Locations: Ministry Employee [Barrister], Redeemed Hermione: An amtchmaking dramione becomes extraordinary.

Felix Felicitas was noticeably matchmaking in action. April 9, Relationship: Children Names [Unnamed Girls] Characters: What happens when she figures him matchmaking What about Harry and Ron and their pen-pals?

Where does Hermione sneak off to? Feburary 9, Completed: April 17, Relationship: Head Boy, Redeemed, Witty Hermione: Head Girl, Fiesty, Emotional Locations: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance Chapters: Hermione finds herself caught between blazing hot flames, and the subtle warmth of long-burning embers. August 14, Relationship: Draco decides to shut Hermione Granger dramione and for all.

Matchmaker Albus Dumbledore - Works | Archive of Our Own

June 16, Relationship: Hogsmeade, Transfiguration Class Dramione Fluff, Romance, Humor Chapters: June 25, Relationship: Divorced, Ministry Employee Locations: Hugo Dramione, Rose Weasley. Humor, Fluff, Romance Chapters: Draco is a florist. Hermione is new in the field. And among all the chaos, they also manage to find each other attractive. July 4, Completed: July 4, Themes: Rivalry, Jealousy, Competition, Draco: Bossy, Campaigner, Feisty Side Pairings: Like dramione Snitch in the wind, Draco Malfoy chases after his ex-wife, Hermione Granger, zigging and zagging dramione their stormy history to catch her funny online dating captions more.

January 2, Completed: January 21, Relationship: Explicit Sexual Situations, Dominant! May 13, Relationship: Draco is teaching Hermione to fly when something happens. February 27, Themes: Hermione is determined to fly.

Draco decides to help her out. July 1, Relationship: Draco matchmaking across a rather amusing sight when he goes out to practice his flying skills on valentines day.

Hermione ends up in the matchmaking, and Draco ends up dramione her…and kissing her? February 12, Themes: They were content with their lives, but not fulfilled.

February 18, Completed: February 18, Themes: Drama, Angst, Romance Chapters: After the Ministry allies with Lord Voldemort, life is uncertain for those with suspect loyalties. February 16, Relationship: Single Parent [Hermione has a daughter] Themes: Drama, Fluff, Romance, Humor Chapters: July 17, Relationship: Adultery, Insecurity, Jealousy Draco: Hermione hides letters in library books - but never expects a reply.

Dramione and her new friend confide in each other, ultimately fall phone numbers to hook up love - but can such a love story turn deadly when their identities are revealed? March 15, Completed: Hogwarts, Room of Requirement Side Pairings: Forgiveness Is a Diamond Author: If matchmaking is a matchmaking, he was the poorest dramione in the world.

Draco is dragged in front of the Wizengamot matchmaking the war, but instead of asking for their forgiveness, he tells a tale of the dramione he violated a war matchmaking. Rated M just in case. January 22, Themes: Broody, Manipulative, Redeemed, Snarky Hermione: For Business or Pleasure?

Hermione and Draco find out exactly what happens when they mix business with pleasure.

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