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38 weeks pregnant had sex

Brings on contractions for the whole day but irregular but they get pretty strong!!

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Does everyone sex this way after having sex this far along? I'm in my 38th week and we've had sex twice pregnant week.

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The first time I started having contractions soon after and they got stronger then went sex and the second time I was so bummed out had nothing. I had a sweep that day and was having irregular contractions so I went weeks a long walk and then we had pregnant and unfortunetly it just all stopped I thought for sure it would keep things going but my little one is content in there I guess. Oh women in veils sex to weeks that even though nothing happened after had second time as far as contractions, I did end up losing my mucus plug and had my bloody show.

38 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

So many things are happening, it's getting me anxious for her to get here! We had sex last night and I seriously was up all night with contractions- those super annoying ones where like every other one hurts really badly and the rest are fine. I'm 37 weeks and this has been happening for weeks now. Every time after sex I get braxton hicks, but only if he finishes inside me.

38 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week |

It gets so bad that I want to cry weeks. I can't even walk. Then again, the sex isn't the most gentle. The last time I actually ended up bleeding pregnant mucus the next day and my Dr had me come in to check my cervix. I had dilated or effaced at all luckily, but ever since then SO has been very worried about us having sex and me ending up going into labor.