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Adult circumcision specialist in l a

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We offer more than four techniques not offered in other surgery centers. These new FDA approved techniques have many advantages including faster operation time, faster recovery, better cosmetic outcomes. Few surgeons in America are trained in these techniques and its mostly offered in Europe.

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Nourparvar is one of the few doctors in America currently offering these techniques. Sutureless Circumcision has much better cosmetic appearance with less pain specialist.

Return to work is much quicker and guys crave shemale option is recommended for those patients who want to have minimal time off work, those who are anxious circumcision post-operative pain or those individuals who wish to have a minimally visible scar line after healing.

Please note that even absorbable fine sutures can leave track marks.

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We use fine suture as back up. Adult are proud to be the premier location for the advancement in medical technology and patient comfort in Southern California. We have introduced our needle free injector for a more comfortable and painless experience.

There are many advantages in using needle free injectors and it is elected to replace traditional injections in the near future.

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