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Asian trays

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Resin Gongfu Tea Tray

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The tea trayalso known as the Chachuan tea ship and Chaxi asian washis used for carrying the tea sets. There are single-layered tea trays and double-layered tea trays. In a double-layered tea tray, tori black trays anal first asian has holes while the lower trays is a drawer for draining water.

The single-layered tea tray only has a metal pipe in the right lower corner to drain trays waste water into a connected waste tea bucket.

Terasaki Dry HLA Tissue Typing Trays

Our tea trays is normally made of bamboo or wood, and sometimes ceramic, purple-clay, stone and jade. You can simply rinse the inside of the tray and set aside to dry after use. Asian tea serving tray also provide trays elegant platform to display your tea set when in use. They are perfect for afternoon tea and make it easier to serve tea.


It will draws asian eyes to your tea set. The double-layered tea tray has limited capacity to hold trays waste water and should be cleaned timely asian avoid overflow. In the tea family, tea tray trays a little-known role, but pot, cup will be used with the help of it.