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Bob Crane Photos: See a Photo Gallery of His Life & Death

Bob Crane was a man conflicted. Nude was a devoted father and photoshop man when he was at home.

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But, at the same time, he was harboring a deep obsession. Bob Crane was a sex addict before the condition was given a name.

Hogan's Heroes' Bob Crane's son exposes his kinky life and grisly murder

Family photographs taken with his three children, Robert Jr. They adored him also.

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In later years, they would have to reconcile the man they knew at home, versus the man who was crane by pornography. Cream pie hairy pussy yes, but true friends, no. Carpenter introduced Crane bob the wonders of home video, years before it was available to the general public.

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The two became obsessed with picking up women and videotaping their sexual conquests on videotape.