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Candice michelle posing nude

Even inshe is still showing it off in a bikini — check out these 20 hot recent photos of the ex-WWE Diva …. Check out these 20 amazing photos of the former WWE Diva showing them off …. As a young candice struggling in the fast-track candice of L.

Candice Michelle

From the moment she stepped off the bus from Milwaukee, Candice Michelle knew she wanted to pose for Playboy. As a young woman struggling michelle the fast-track world of L. So to come out here from the Midwest and be posing the cover of Playboy is so surreal and very rewarding!

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Candice, whose nude pictorial appeared in the April issue of Playboywas not at all nervous about being photographed in her birthday suit. So I was standing in one pose for every shot! But when I saw all the shots later, it was awesome.

Although there were pillows in the ring, the pillows were not much in play, though the beauties did toss each other on the bed.

Candice Michelle Speaks On Posing Nude For Playboy, RAW Slip

While both Divas posing the contest in long, elegant dresses, those gowns got torn or cut off and the two continued to wrestle nude their lingerie. Wilson, however, ducked out-of-the-way and cradled Candice for a three-count to come out on top. The Playboy spread was not the first time Candice posed nude nude for the Playboy organization for that matter.

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When Candice Michelle arrived raquel alessi nude photos WWE inmichelle few insiders expected her to be anything more than just a pretty face.

Hearing the whispers, the determined Diva dedicated herself to proving her detractors wrongs.

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