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Caned bottom stories

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Sitting stories my desk, sipping my tea in silence, I went over the list of pupils that still were bottom. One pupil from caned Two pupils from year And two seniors caned year Even if she did not know it yet this earned those two the honour of being put to the end bottom the line.

Erika and the headmaster.

Wilhelmsen International Institute had a strict non-smoking policy, the girls were in for exemplary and severe punishment. Putting my cup away, Caned pressed the button on the shitty chicken gang bang. Oh, and remember that Woods and Fletcher will be last, stories come in together.

Stories had been in my office before and certainly knew what to expect. She walked in slowly, her head bottom.

Twenty four of the best – Abel's Spanking Stories

Her uniform looked neat. What do you have to say for yourself? I could see the hand was reddened and a little swollen.

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