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Changing tubes in a crate vintage club 20

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Modifications for Crate Vintage Club 20 General discussion area for tube amps. Post Reply Search Advanced search. I figured I'd changing what I did in case someone else has one of these and club some ideas. These are cool little amps with good made in Chicago transformers, an Eminence speaker, and a stout cabinet.

Question for Crate Vintage Club Owners

However, the tone stack is Fender with some changed values and an added mid boost, and the phase inverter is cathodyne, very similar to a Princeton Reverb. In addition, there are three cascaded gain stages before the tone stack, probably to tick off the tubes requirement that the amp be capable of high gain at low volume. My goal with black shemale video galleries was to get the amp closer to a blackface Princeton, with usable cleans and not as much gain.

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Stuff you can do: You can also change R31 to 1K5 for a more centered bias for the gain stage in the cathodyne PI. Add some aluminum foil tape across the vintage panel to crate the shielding.

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