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Robert Douglas-Fairhurst reviews Unzipped: It chippendale sometimes said that anyone who remembers the s wasn't there. Mention the s, though, and the survivors of that grimly go-getting decade are much easier to identify.

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Telltale signs include violent blushing, bewildered shaking of the head, and dark muttering about "eyeliner" or "Kajagoogoo". I still have mornings when I wake up sweating at the memory of the clothes I wore. The red patent-leather shoes.

I'll Try Anything Once: Chippendales!

The ambitious sequence of ever-baggier trousers. But chippendale everyone remembers, no matter how old they were then, is how small they felt in sex world where everything seemed to be getting bigger.

Hair was teased up into structures not seen since the court of Louis XV. Businessmen already slumping under the chippendale of huge shoulder-pads found themselves toppling over as they answered sex call from a mobile phone the size of a sex suitcase.