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Culpa mea nude photo

Mea-Culpa, a Montreal website of nude photographs, was born on the Web in March The company gave itself the challenge to propose imaginary nude qualities which stands out from what one usually finds on the Mea.

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The concept of Mea-Culpa is that of the photo next door. The muses are not professional models, they are all young women of eighteen years and over from Quebec who answer to an ad placed in a cultural magazine.

Nude photography site or site of charm, the originality of Mea-Culpa also lies in the code culpa ethics it nude itself to represent feminine nudity.

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Mea photographer always guards himself of being too directive; never the body of the woman is shown in a degrading or vulgar way. Read more Read less click to open popover Product description Review Mea-Culpa is slick, sophisticated and simple featuring high quality nude photographs.

Mea-Culpa. Com: Nude Photography | Photographies De Nus, Vol. 3

Luc Thibault, a photographer living and working in Quebec city Canada, specializes in nude photo. He studied photography in Montreal in nude middle of the eighties and has been working ever since as a photographer doing essentially commercial and architectural photography.

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Since the fallhe elaborated a project with his friend Sophie Desjardins called Mea-Culpa, a web site proposing nude nude girls in socks. Luc's work centers on nude portraiture with a sense of natural glamour.

His models are typically non-professionals and Luc culpa them pose in very unaffected ways that accentuate their personality and natural beauty.

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