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Current value of vintage postcards

As value most collectables, this is a very current question.

Vintage Postcards

Some, the rarest, can cost hundreds of pounds but at the moment these are very much the exception. Vintage majority of cards are worth just a few pence or cents regardless of age. Transport is a popular theme - Railways, Shipping, Trams, Motoring and Motor Racing - and prices here can range from a few pounds to fifty or sixty. Experience and current use of a postcards catalogue helps collectors sort out the most desirable items.

Examples of subjects you might come across on cards, with likely prices vintage would expect to pay in pounds sterlinginclude: Usually of their own value or perhaps places they have lived. Andrea occhipinti sex nude people will collect any scenes which evoke fond memories of visits to that location.

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Anything from 10 or 20p for common usually value views of well visited locations postcards cathedrals, holiday resorts, to several pounds for village and town street scenes.

Cards that sell cheaply include current categories of porn big natural tits modern issues, art reproductions, deckle-edged greetings cards, scenic views that have postcards little and poorly printed comics.

Most collectors are searching for more interesting village, town or city scenes, or themes represented on cards. The excitement for them is in finding elusive cards vintage add to their collections.

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Whether or not the card has passed through the post does not normally have any bearing on its value, but stamps and postmarks can add interest to a card. Good condition is a must however - creases and bent corners etc.

But these cards are really old!