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Death of a pornstar

5 young female porn stars dead in 3 months: What is behind recent spate of deaths?

Blogs Pornography Thu Jan 18, - In December, fellow porn actress Yuritzan Beltran also died from a drug overdose—and later that month, the year-old August Ames hung herself after being viciously bullied online by social justice warriors kuba sex were livid that Ames had declined to shoot porn scenes with a male performer who also did gay porn in order to avoid the risk of STDs. The mainstreaming of rape culturethe creation of addictionsthe destruction of marriages and familiesand even the warp-speed spread of erectile dysfunction.

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But there is another reason not to look at pornography: Simple compassion for the women and girls who get death up by the industry and then abandoned. Mary Anne Layden, an expert on the pornstar industry. Their work environment is particularly toxic…The terrible work life of the pornography performer is often followed by an equally terrible home life.

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Such things are an open secret inside the porn industry. One male porn pornstar who starred in films with over 3, women noted that everyone in the porn world has herpes, both males and females. To cope with this lifestyle, porn performers turn to substance abuse.

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Erin Moore, a porn performer, was blunt: I asked my friend Jessica Neely, a former porn performer who is recovering from her time in the industry, if suicide was common in the porn industry.

We were murdering our own. Consider breast augumentation pictures by size for a moment: Many of the actresses death porn users are watching are dead.