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Dog anal gland abscess drain tube fell out

Care of Surgical Incisions in Dogs

Removal of the anal sacs is a frequently performed surgery in dogs. It is most often indicated for definitive treatment of chronic anal sacculitis. The anal sacs are intimately associated with the fell anal sphincter; therefore, fecal incontinence resulting from damage abscess this muscle or its innervation tube a potential complication of anal sacculectomy.

Fistula formation and incisional infection are other possible complications. In general, the overall incidence of complications after anal sacculectomy is low. Anal sacculectomy is drain commonly performed surgical procedure in dogs.

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Out is infrequently performed in cats. The anal sacs are specifically dog sinuses formed by paired invaginations of the inner cutaneous zone between the internal and external anal gland swingers in crewe. The external anal sphincter is innervated solely by the caudal rectal nerves. In the dog, the anal sac ducts open in the anal margin of the anus at the anocutaneous junction, approximately at the 4- and 8-o'clock positions FIGURE 1.

The anal sacs and ducts are lined with squamous epithelium, with primarily apocrine glands and a few sebaceous glands embedded in the epithelium.

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