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Dragon ball erotic stories

‘dbz’ stories

They were stories old kung fu movies, because the acting was horrendously bad and hilarious. Stories burst into laughter again as the 'hero' in the movie said another terrible line.

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Videl laughed along with him, but her attention wasn't on the movie. Whenever he was drawn more into the movie, she stole glances at his profile since he was sitting on the erotic to her right. Gohan was kind of a dork; his mother didn't let him watch movies growing up so he would get really into them and sit on the edge of his seat, literally.

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It was endearing, erotic. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with her boyfriend, in an empty house Videl couldn't stop her thoughts from drifting.

The Last Female Saiyan Book Two ( Dragon Ball Z Fanfic )

Chichi, Goku and Goten went to visit Gohan's grandpa. Gohan couldn't leave because they were in the middle of finals dragon at school, their final year of ball school, their last round of tests.

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Not ball Gohan really had anything to worry about. Videl supposed that Chichi was the one who couldn't sleep if she knew that Gohan wasn't spending his time during finals week at home, studying.

Desperate Housewife Chapter 1, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

If she black women pussy video knew that Videl was doing most of the studying while Gohan helped tutor hershe may not dragon sleeping so well. Gohan threw his head back laughing at another ridiculous movie line followed up by terrible special effects.

Videl laughed lightly and smiled as she watched him.

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