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Drawings of a deck to sumit to township

Deck Diagram Example

Yes, a Fence Zoning Permit is required. A permit is required in order to ensure drawings proper placement in accordance with the Township Zoning Ordinance. Please fill out the Fence Zoning Application and be sure to complete the required drawing.

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Fences located in a rear yard shall have township maximum height of 6 feet for residential properties and a sumit setback requirement of 6 inches to the rear and side property lines.

Fences are permitted to be placed on the property line provided you obtain written permission from the adjacent property owner and you hairy pussy tumbs that permission along with the fence application. Fences are not permitted within easements. Fences in the front yard shall be setback a minimum of 3 feet from the road right-of-way line.

The setback distance from the edge of the road varies per street and or subdivision.

Submitting Deck Plans For Permits

Corner properties that abut two deck roads are considered to have two front yards. Yes, a Utility Building Zoning Permit is required for the placement of a shed to ensure Zoning compliance and to keep structures from being improperly placed within drainage and utility easements and floodplains. Please complete the Utility Building Zoning application.

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The drawing shall include the location of property lines, the house and other structures, roads, alleys and easements and the proposed location of the shed. Please label the setback distances to the property lines and other structures. Sheds are not permitted within a required front or side yard.