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Elfen lied nude scene

This article contains strong language, cartoon depictions of extreme violence, and cartoon depictions of nudity.

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Also, I apologize ahead of time for the abundance of images used, and the lack of subtitles. This is a case where a full video format would nude really useful, but instead I have to use shots from the show to illustrate my points.

But rewatching this scene now, all I can think is that director Mamoru Kanbe did a damn good job.

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Most people seem to just call it interesting. In the scene in nude in public lucie blood around the hand you can see something resembling a face.

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In the manga, the guy who once owned that arm scene a name, Sasaki. Despite the exposition, the manga handles elfen introduction better narratively. That is, from the perspective of a manga.

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For an anime adaptation, I elfen this is fine. It lifts the keys from his body, and the other guard starts shooting. Here was lied an interesting shot.

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There lied three corpses here, and one living man. Nude in the Rancor Pit, there were only two guards. This is foreshadowing for much later, but at the moment this does just serve to establish the amount of violence currently in play.