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Eros francisco guide link san

You might even be here just to visit friends, of for a boring work conference.

Violet Blue's Guide to San Francisco - Violet Blue ® | Open Source Sex

Oh, and the clubs play that fucking Rhianna song a lot. Eros are lots of fun things to do tube lube xxx, especially if you have a delightfully dirty mind.

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Make a plan and follow it loosely, like your booty. Find your free wifi here. SF Metroblogging is quite plugged in as well, and rocks the guide with interesting local writers like Mark Pritchard and Jason DeFillippo. Eros Guide has a local sex events calendar; Good Vibes has ongoing sex classes and events and so does the Center for Sex and Culture.

Violet Blue’s Guide to San Francisco

For general events and goings-on, pick up one or more of these free link papers: Do something during the day. Tales of the Villageand the Scalawag and Sin Francisco tour. How to get around: Renting san car any other time is fine, but just be prepared that our one-way streets form multilayered double-helixes of impenetrable logic.

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SF is only seven miles square, so in many cases you might be able to just walk to your destination if you get frustrated.