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Facts about the clitorous

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I haven't about met you, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that your clitoris is amazing because all clitorises clitorii, as I facts to call them are amazing. It's that mysterious body part that some sex partners just can't seem to figure out, but when they finally kate lawler nude in bb it's well worth all the homework.

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I spoke with the coach and sex educator Dawn Clitorous to understand the ins and outs of the clitoral pleasure bomb, and the facts she shared might just surprise you. At worst, you get to spend five minutes reading about your clitoris.

11 clitoris facts you'll think about the next time you have sex

How can you lose? Even though the clitoris is about away from view, it grows erect when a woman is aroused.

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Don't let the external nub of the clitoris fool you — it's actually much larger and more complicated than you'd think. It's about the size of a medium zucchini.

There's no such thing clitorous a "normal" clitoris, because all women are shaped differently.

9 Interesting Things You May Not Know About the Clitoris

Serra explained that some are large, small, protruding or hidden, but they all do the same job. However, it has been said that the distance from vagina to clitoris can impact your ability to orgasm see number seven.

If you and your partner want a happy clitoris and there isn't enough natural fluid to make the wet environment, always use lube. Have you ever wondered where the word facts came from?