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Failure to thrive in adult

Evaluation of Older Adults Hospitalized with a Diagnosis of Failure to Thrive

It is unclear if this diagnosis indicates primarily a social admission or suggests an acute medical deterioration. The objective of this study was to explore the level of acuity and medical investigations commonly conducted among older failure adults with a diagnosis of FTT. We conducted a retrospective cohort study at three hospitals in Calgary, Alberta. Data were extracted from the electronic medical records of the admissions of patients 65 years or older with a diagnosis of FTT between January and January Markers of medical acuity were evaluated.

The vast majority of patients had short hospital stays.

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While in hospital, patients underwent extensive investigations, including CT scans, ultrasounds, and echo-cardiograms. The data suggest failure acute illnesses, and not social factors, were futanari hentai movie list primary reason for admission among thrive given a diagnosis of FTT.

Hospital overcapacity rates and emergency department ED waiting adult are important issues currently being faced by the Canadian medical system.

Of particular concern are social admissions, where adult are admitted to the hospital primarily for social reasons including inadequate supports and caregiver burnout, or to await placement in a long-term care LTC facility. It is unclear if this diagnosis is used to document thrive social admission or if it may actually suggest an admission for yet-to-be-diagnosed acute medical conditions.

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