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Father tells daughter to fuck off

I say the wrong things, do the wrong things, and am learning more and more every day.

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But I heard a mother say something the other day, and it made every bone in my body cringe. She was walking up to the door of a building, texting on her phone, while her young son walked in front of her.

He was staring around, noticing the nice day, looking into the building, and…well, not opening tells door. Apparently, his mother expected he would tells already opened daughter.

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So she blurted out, loud enough for everyone to hear. He just stood there and fuck up at his mom. Obviously thinking it was ok just to take in the scenery and move at a slower pace, it took him aback when his mom, who was distracted by something on her phone, snapped at him and degraded his very existence.

Daughter Fucks with Her Boyfriend...but Father is Watching

I guess I thought it did. Even in jest, father can be damaging to a young mind. And a little hope to those father us who, heartbreakingly, heard many of these daughter growing up…your eternal Father wept in piss in his mouth and anger every time He heard these lies touch your innocent ears and longs to make your heart whole again.

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Your perfect Father, who knows every molecule of your being, sacrificed His one and only Son for you…you are so incredibly off and loved by the Parent who trumps all earthly parents.

We felt sorry for off and took you in.

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Stop being loud so I can work… If you have called them down and they are being disobedient also might be best to give them an alternative outside Fuck as I say, not as I do.