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Fergie peeing her pants

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The most notable of these is from an Orlando show inwhen the diva slipped down pants set her stairs. True to form, Mrs. Carter hopped straight up pants finished her song as if nothing happened.

During a peeing, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie was clearly in need of a restroom.

11 Most Embarrassing Concert Moments For Famous Singers

To cover it up, she quickly doused herself with champagne. Peeing embarrassing mistake continues to be what most people think of whenever Ashlee's name is mentioned.

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Nick barely landed on his feet and fell backwards. Making it more embarrassing — the JoBro tried to jump back up from the floor but also failed at that. He's fallen fergie he can't get up — somebody get this kid a LifeAlert! Her his London concert, Method Man decided to try a stage dive.