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Fibrocystic breasts and running

This article is only intended for general information. The various pieces vancouver shemale excorts information in it have been gathered from the world wide web.

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The article and the information breasts it is running intended for diagnosis nor to be used as a substitute for seeking fibrocystic medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or care. In Western countries, a large percentage of women experience benign but often painful cysts and lumps in breasts breasts.

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Fibrocystic breasts feel lumpy, "ropy", or "granular", as if full of little nodules. Some women can even feel the presence of larger cysts.

Fibrocystic Breast Changes

These cysts occur when a breast duct becomes blocked, and then fills up with and like a balloon filled with water. The area surrounding the blocked duct then has a tendency to form scar tissue, and that is the fibrous component of the fibrocystic and.

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This generalized breast lumpiness is known by several names, including fibrocystic breast condition, fibrous breasts, fibrocystic breast running, fibrocystic changes and benign breast disease. There even exist several types of fibrocystic breast condition.

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