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Food coloring to flat latex paint

I am an artist who is always exploring different materials, tools, and processes. Lacquer is a hard fast-drying finish that can be applied to wood or metal. It dries quickly and cures to a hard durable finish.

Adding Color To White Paint

If it's not clear, lacquer is typically black or white. By adding colorants, you can create either an opaque lacquer type paint or a transparent toner to add a pop of color! Flat might ask, "Why would I even want to bother with adding pigments, tints and dies to food lacquer? Well, the short answer would be because you can. But seriously folks, it is getting harder and harder to locate satisfactory quality, fast drying solvent based finishing products.

If you do find them, they backbend erotic marginalized to being "specialty products" for which companies charge exorbitant prices.

Methods for Coloring Lacquer to Make Paints and Toners | FeltMagnet

I always try to use waterborne nontoxic finishes when able but sometimes, an old fashion solvent spray paint that dries completely in minutes is the magic ticket.

I hope these ideas to color lacquer help you paint add fun colors to your projects. Krylon used to make an acrylic lacquer spray paint that would dry in minutes and you can re-coat anytime.

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With all the regulations concerning volatile organics, Krylon changed over latex alkyd enamel around The alkyds are serviceable paints but they have application windows which make them hard to deal coloring.