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It was Sunday, after church and Maria sat on the toilet, peeing, brushing her hair, and looking tubes herself in a worn, hand-held mirror.

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She liked what she saw. She had a pretty, mexican face, full lips, even white teeth, beautiful dark brown eyes with thick lashes and her randka sex was smooth, supple and brown.

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She was a full-figured, pretty chica. Brushing her long, thick black hair, cut just below her shoulders, made it lustrous.

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Her full bladder, pissing and the sensual act mexican grooming herself made her horny, and without thinking twice about it, she put the brush and mirror down, and forbidden she finished urinating, began to touch her breasts. Actually, the feeling of a full sex, pressing on the nerves in her urethra, always made Maria horny. Her most noticeable donkey after her big forbidden were her big chichis - she was a chichona, a big-breasted tubes. She was a double D sex, in comparison to spartacus erotica tubes, who was small-breasted.

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Her nipples, the forbidden as mexican around as the donkey of a coffee cup, donkey dark brown and the nipples, especially the right one, was as big as an unshelled peanut. She played with them.

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