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Fuck me pumps shoes

Fuck Me Pumps - Wikipedia

Discussion in ' English Only ' started by Queen of 69 nude joanna pacula, Sep 23, Log in or Sign up.

Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Pumps Next Thread. Queen of 69 New Member French. I would like to understand the meaning of that expression which I heard in an Amy Winehouse song and saw on several posters or cards Thanks for shoes help.


Queen of 69Sep 23, Belfast, Ireland English-Ireland top end. Pumps are a type of women's shoe. The track is about stereotypical "gold-digging" girls. The term "fuck-me pumps" is a slang expression for sexy women's shoes, particularly fuck featuring bare heels. Marilyn Monroe called her sexy shoes like that because they aroused the fetishist in a man. That is debatable, it's true but there you have it.