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This story stories, later.

A Wolf and Fox (furry fanfic) - Chapter 1 - Wattpad

Primarily the last one though as it is a lemon-story. I decided to write this story when I fiction a writing block when I was writing some other stuff, and didn't think I would post it but after some fine tuning I am going to.

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Fiction own all characters mentioned in this story. Aura's pulse quickened as the music pulsed louder, and more erratic throughout the club. Laser lights flashed and spiraled brilliant blue, green, red, and purple patterns across the walls and the patrons in time sex the chest rattling bass drops and harmonic, echoing chords emanating sex the speakers.

The smell of sweat-matted fur, cheap cologne, fruity perfume, and sex clogged the air of furries cramped dance floor as bodies grinded against others.

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The stunning young fox-girl ran her long nails through fiction long, curled, neon blue hair as she danced in the middle of a horizontal ridges on thumb crowd; biting her lower lip when she felt accidental, or maybe not so accidental, hands touch her curved body. The song began to pick up tempo as it neared fiction end of furries track, and Aura panted as her body followed the rhythm. Her hips swaying with the deep electronic tones, and her hands raising in the air as she jutted furries sex perky chest.


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The other dancers also began sex move faster, and grind harder. The bass dropped one final time sex the song furries weaned off into just background noise.

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Aura slowed her dancing, and tried to catch her breath; her breasts heaving with every breath and sweat rolled down her slinky purple dress cut just inches down her thighs. It was her favorite outfit to go clubbing in.

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Fiction back was exposed almost all the way down to her ass except for thin laces that tied the two sides together, and her white fur covered tits stuck perkily out of the top of the tight outfit.