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My husband and I spent an afternoon here on a summer-like October day during our drive back to Boston after visiting friends in the Atlantic City area. The location is on a lovely peninsula that comprises the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Gunnison Beach

There is normally an entrance fee, but the collection booths gunnison not staffed at this time of year. There are several beaches on the ocean side, beach parking areas designated by letters starting with A.

The parking lot for Gunnison Beach fittingly is at parking lot G. It takes another few minutes to walk down the path to the beach.

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Signs perpendicular to the shore mark the boundaries with the clothed sections. The path from the pavilion brings you to the left-side boundary which is an imaginary line that was not strictly honored.

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There were several hundred people on the clothing-optional section. All were nude except for a nude women wearing thongs. On the clothed section, there were about a pictures people wearing swimsuits and an equal number naked.