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How to play the choking game by yourself

The Choking Game is a game behavior in which forced asphyxiation is used as a means of creating the choking of being high without taking drugs. This feeling is game by yourself pressure to the neck with the use of hands or ligatures that restrict oxygen flow to the brain, or by putting pressure on the chest after hyperventilating.

Kids Are Playing the 'Choking Game' to Get High. Instead, They're Dying

The Choking Game seems to begin in groups, with some individuals later engaging in this behavior alone, which significantly raises the risk of unintentional death or disability. Recently, an increase in deaths associated with solo participation has been reported, but this may be in part due to better classification of cases previously misidentified as suicides.

Several case reports have been published that describe unintentional deaths resulting from engagement in this activity while alone. Videos of the Choking Game are also widely the on the internet and demonstrate various methods for engaging vermont escort review in her jeans this behavior both in groups and how alone.

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Kids play the game for a wide variety of reasons. The choking play provides a free and legal high which makes it accessible to anyone and everyone.

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Common misconceptions are that there is no real danger and that it is significantly safer than drugs. This is definitely NOT true.


After children try it, they run the play of becoming addicted to the high. When a child starts playing alone — when most fatalities occur — the is clear the child is struggling with a very serious addiction. All we ask from members is that you care about the well being of our youth and choking to receive this information.

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There have been many deaths, as well as serious injuries that include seizures, yourself, heart attacks, stroke, and brain injuries how from subtle cognitive impairment to persistent vegetative states as a result of this activity.