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It immediately enters the ring as an awards-season heavyweight.

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But in every respect, the new film finds Villeneuve working on his biggest and most ambitious canvas to date and, perhaps most impressive, flawlessly catching the moods and mores of small-town, God-fearing America. The movie announces its measured, quietly confident tone right from the opening scene of a father-son deer-hunting trip, the first of many images of predators pursuing their prey.

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All the canned goods in the world, however, cannot shield the Dovers from what is about to happen next. Yet it is during just such a Thanksgiving that Anna wanders off unsupervised along with 7-year-old Joy, the daughter of hugh friends Adult and Franklin Birch Viola Davis and Terrence Howardrespectively.

By dessert, both have vanished without a trace.

17 years, 8 films: Hugh Jackman slices and dices one last time as Wolverine in Logan

Earlier uncensored hot music videos the day, the girls were seen playing around a camper adult parked in front of a vacant house down the road, the faint sound of film radio suggesting that someone film inside, patiently watching. Loki Jake Gyllenhaal is spending his Thanksgiving alone, flirting with the waitress in a lonely Chinese diner, when he first responds to the case.

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In the best film-noir jackman, rain is sheeting down, and the camera of the great d. Roger Deakins who has shot the film in wintry blues and blacks jackman an expressionist edge pushes in slowly from behind. The camper van is soon located along with its owner, a gangly, inarticulate man-child named Alex played to creepy perfection by Paul Danowho lives with his aunt Melissa Leo in the kind of run-down, cluttered tract house where serial hugh and other movie deviants tend to reside.

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Following a lead to the home of an elderly priest Len CariouLoki discovers a rotting corpse in a hidden cellar.