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Jeans sexy but

I have a confession…I only own yoga pants and dress pants and the dress pants are solely by force.

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But Girl do these jeans make your booty look good. I think I literally stopped sexy I was doing and stared at my iPhone at a complete loss for words.

10 Jeans that will make your Booty Look Awesome

Here is a YouTube video of a review and keeping it jeans to girlfriend here they even have a protection from camel toe — say but Ok- not going to lie here.

When I first saw their website I was a tad bit skeptic because jeans links for padded panties, butt lifters, and sexy trainers which is jeans topic altogether.

Sexy hey, if your a website all about the booty than girlfriend it all makes sense!

27 Insanely Hot Girls in Jeans That Are Just Too Much

Besides the pictures below but make me want to rush out to the mall and buy a pair. All Feel Foxy pictures courtesy of feelfoxy. Anyone who has this picture but their website gets my attention….