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Kopenhagen street sex

Copenhagen Sex and Prostitution

Michael Lodberg Olsen rests his buttocks on the board that serves as sex bed in Street, his mobile sanctuary for kopenhagen sex sex, and revenge nude photo rocking back and forth, his eyes twinkling with amusement. Lodberg Olsen, a self-described street entrepreneur, brings a dash of humour to his projects.

On the back door of the Kopenhagen, a sticker kopenhagen A notice inside informs prostitutes that volunteers will call the police at the first sign of violence and encourages them to make contact if they are victims of human trafficking.

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A drunk clutching a can of Carlsberg rolls up and is shown the lubrication dispenser and tray of condoms, which come as oral, normal or extra large. Are you laughing at free bondage video porn Her friend Anna, 30, is less sceptical: Some people is crazy, some people speak very bad.

Danish 'sex ambulance' for Copenhagen red light district (VIDEO)

If you made a place with rooms instead, of course the customers would go there. Sex in Copenhagen have learned not to underestimate Lodberg Olsen. There are now five permanent facilities across street country and the original vehicle is exhibited at the National Museum sex Denmark. Kopenhagen Denmark legalised buying and selling sex init is still illegal to profit from other people selling sex, making it difficult for sex workers to rent premises, or street drivers or security.