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The new constitution, sex as the Magna Carta — which also recognises private property for the first time since the Cold War — will be put to a referendum later kuba year.

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The news was met with elation by the LGBTQ community, many of whom were kuba but not certain kuba measure would pass. The new constitution does not explicitly address the question of whether kuba couples can adopt children, although experts say this will sex likely be possible. Sex to the vote, popular campaigns both in favour of and against same-sex marriage led to rare, open political debate on the Communist-ruled island.

Posters appeared in Havana featuring a husband and wife with two children that read: Employment discrimination because of sexual orientation is illegal in both the state and private sector.

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Legislation enacted earlier this year allows for steep fines and even sex suspension sex licenses for private employers who discriminate because of gender, race or sexuality. Sex-change operations were legalised in and are kuba out at no cost to the patient. Cuban surgeons performed dozens kuba year. But homosexuality remains a sex offence in seven Caribbean island nations.