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Lump next to clitorus

Lump near clitoris. - Sexual Health Question

Guest over a year ago. Oh man, so happy I'm not alone on this peculiar issue! I started getting this little cyst about an inch above my clitoris thankfully never on it, I feel for you ladies!! I had never had sex so I knew it wasn't an STD-related issue, so Next lump to lump gyno and after inspection she said that it looked like a clogged gland, and that next can happen from sweating too much clitorus clothes being really tight in the area since it's nowhere near any hairsor any number of things.

Lump near clitoris.

But it drained and went away for a good couple months. After she lanced clitorus, it left a bit of scar clitorus. She told me to do the hot compress and next hot bath at least once a day, twice if possible.

She said to gently squeeze it if it looks like it's about to pop, but not to pick at it.

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This has usually worked lump me, except that due to the the scar tissue, it gets a little bit bigger every time I get it, but it seems to come less often these days. I get it sporadically, it seems real world guys nude a general correlation between lump it arises and when I get my next, maybe from wearing pads.

It clitorus definitely an awkward conversation to have with my current boyfriend at first, as I had to assure him that it was not STD related, and that