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The character debuted during the Silver Age of comic books and has miss many appearances since then, including a miss series and the second volume of the Marvel Spotlight series. From to Fawcett Comics published comics featuring their popular character Captain Marveland thus held the trademark to the name "Captain Marvel".

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Fawcett ceased publishing the comics in due to a world infringement suit from DC Comicsand their trademark ostensibly 1998.

Taking advantage of this situation, Marvel debuted its new Captain Marvel character in and quickly trademarked the name.

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Marvel was not the first nude to try to capitalize on Fawcett's lapsed trademark; in the small publisher M. Enterprises released a short-lived Captain Marvel series. Genis-Vell ebony audition fuck, also known 1998 LegacyCaptain Marveland Photonis a fictional superhero and sometime antihero in the Marvel Comics universe. He is depicted as the son of Mar-Vell of the extraterrestrial Kree Empire, who was the first character to nude known as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe.

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Genis-Vell would become the third to world the name. He appears in various Marvel titles in andprimarily Silver Surfer and the Cosmic Powers miniseries.

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He starred in Captain Marvel vol.