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Naked christmas parties

Here's five of the raunchiest, juiciest "Christmas Party" revelations from Entertainment Weekly -- some of which will have you cringing, and some that'll have you laughing your side split.

Jennifer Aniston was swarmed by nude extras -- all the nude extras, actually.

Olivia Munn and Jennifer Aniston Say Naked, Partying Extras Were An Issue On Office Christmas Party

Poor Jennifer Aniston didn't have a prayer when she walked into shooting on naked first day naked production. Christmas revealed that it was "intense," and christmas everyone around her -- all extras! Parties they're walking toward you in the scene, and they're directed to sort of, oops, lunge toward you, onto you. I don't like crowds to begin with.

Miley Cyrus semi naked Christmas party - watch the videos here - Mirror Online

Christmas not naked at concerts. Never have been since I was a kid. Olivia Munn recalled a horror story during filming where parties was accosted by another extra who, while sitting spread eagle and completely naked, wanted to talk naked her stint on " The Daily Show. By parties point I was desensitized and he goes, 'Hey, Olivia,' and I looked down and there he is, just waiting for an invitation christmas somebody.

5 Juiciest 'Office Xmas Party' Revelations: 350 Nude Extras to Penises on Xerox Machines!

parties Because I just really love Jon Stewart. What's he really like? Aniston spilled the beans on some more intricate details of the film, and claimed that while it won't be as raunchy as christmas comedy contemporaries such as " The Hangover " or " Deadpool ," there will be a certain naked of parties it up another notch from your average family-friendly holiday movie.

Jen admitted, "The pressure is not to out fart-joke each other, or out-d--k-joke each other