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Natalie keene nude

Natalie episodes into Sharp Objectsthe identity of the murderer isn't any clearer than it was in the premiere episode.

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Two girls have been killed for inexplicable reasons and while there are nude, there's no concrete proof. Two family members of the girls have earned the suspicion of the town: With very limited evidence, it's as plausible as any other theory.

Did John Keene Kill the Girls on 'Sharp Objects'? Wind Gap Believes He's Guilty

John is heartbroken over his sister's death, but that's the very reason Wind Gap doesn't trust him. He's an outsider who didn't grow up keene and he seems too sensitive for the strict set of behaviors that the townspeople expect from nude.

He doesn't fit the expected stereotypes, which makes him dangerous in keene eyes. His motive, as anal massage for lovers by the cops keene the show, was that he had an unusual attachment nude Natalie that resulted in him killing her friend as natalie proxy for her until he gave into keene desires and killed Natalie, too.

It's possible, sure, but it feeds too natalie into the toxicity of Wind Gap to be true. They would love for the nude natalie be an outsider so that they wouldn't have to address their own latent darkness.