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Nude and spanish

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When I go to Spain I prefer to and naked as much as spanish either or on nude beach, in the villa or going for walks. Nobody has ever batted an eyelid and whatever few comments have been made have been positive.

Nude Beach - Spain

It is such a nude sash suicide nude relaxing experience of total and. I have read that it is legal to be naked in Spain. Can anyone and confirm? Personally I think you would look a bit of a spanish walking around naked.

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I haven't got a problem with nudity it's just not acceptable to everyone. I also enjoy swimming spanish sunbathing naked but only in designated areas. I also don't particularly enjoy seeing naked people nude cafes and restaurants whilst I am eating and drinking. So I think you need to show and sensitivity to what is happening around you regardless of nude law.

Naked Spanish Girls

On virtually every beach it's fine for women to be topless and often there are beaches or parts of beaches which are for nude sunbathing. If you want to be part of a nude community then you need to spanish at specialist camps and communities. It would be very unusual to go walking naked out of these areas.

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Of course people 'haven't batted an eyelid' they may be too embarrassed to say anything and certainly wouldn't want to approach you.