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Nude body painting gallery

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Living on the verge of art, body paint has always been a provocative trait characteristic of either indigenous cultures or the fashion world. As time goes by, body painting is becoming increasingly popular and used in various commercial and mainstream activities.

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The art of body painting has diversified so much, as to have its own sub-categories, ranging over traditional body painting, fashion body painting, fine body painting and even graffiti on body. The shared trait of all body painting styles is that they use nude as canvas, emphasizing the transforming potential of the human skin.

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Body painting has been around for centuries, typical for various cultures body Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. The Indian Mehndi is the traditional hand painting technique with henna, popular even in the western cultures painting.

Since the s, body painting has had a revival in the West, but it is gallery leading a battle to be recognized as a high-brow art form.

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Disputed by many art officials, body painting gathered an army of port harcourt nude girls and aficionados. Although usually associated with nudity, body painting does not necessarily imply the fully naked body, but can be executed on parts of skin, while the model is partially dressed.

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The best places to enjoy body painting live are definitely body painting festivals. They are organized annually worldwide, bringing together star body painters and artists and the less known enthusiasts alike. Nude biggest body painting festival occurs in Austria, in the town of Portschach. Called the Body Bodypainting Festival, it represents gallery largest event painting the sort attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world.