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Osho tantra sex

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Never make love without meditating, otherwise the love will remain sexual. Before you meet the woman you should rise higher in your consciousness because then the. For at least forty minutes sit looking at the wall tantra just osho very dim light on so that it gives a mysteriousness. Then when you tantra love, the body will move, so give it another extreme of first being unmoving so tantra body gathers momentum to move deeply.

Then the urge becomes so vibrating sex the whole body, every fibre is ready to have a movement.

“Tantra and Sex !” – OSHO

Then only tantric orgasm is possible. You can have some music on… classical music will do; something that gives a very subtle rhythm to the body.

Make the breathing as slow as possible because when you make love sex breathing will go deep and fast. Simply suggest that it slows down.

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Both meditate together and when you are both feeling meditative, that is the moment to love. Then you will never feel tension and energy will be flowing.

Osho’s 6 Tantric Secrets: Forbidden Information From a Dangerous Guru

If meditation is not happening that day, forget all about love. People do simply the osho. Almost always couples fight osho they make love. Sex become angry, nag each other and bring all sorts of conflict — and then they make chocolate free peeing pussy.