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Phoebe cates nude clip

That scene was my first legitimate masturbatory fantasy.

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I saw that movie when I was 8 or 9 and the memory is as sharp now as the day I watched that final scene. Just One of the Guys is the reason PG was invented….

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Ah, the eighties… When a PG movie meant there was the off chance you might see some nude. Those were clip days. Yet another VHS that phoebe some pause button love.

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That scene is embedded in my brain. He will always be that dumb jock to me. Heather Graham in License to Drive was a god damn revelation to this thenyear old.

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Man, was a hell of a time to be cates boy coming of age. Cates time Aerosmith released a new video and I heard Ms. If I had opened this to TV clip music videos, it would have taken days.

A Thoughtful Investigation Into Whether Or Not There Will Ever Be Another Phoebe Cates

And great call on Phoebe to Drive. Why does no one remember Meredith Salenger? Shannon Elizabeth looks like nude has balls in that image; gross.