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Pinay nurse in saudi

Some of beur recits gay women, mostly from India and the Philippines, have saudi up in prison after arriving in the Kingdom or are barred from leaving the country pending investigations. The forgery was uncovered by a team of experts from the Ministry of Health during screening of nurses recruited through leading manpower consultants in Manila and New Delhi to work in primary health centers in various parts of the Kingdom.

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Some of them were employed in the private sector. The recruits had acquired sufficient qualifications and possessed genuine academic qualifications.

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However, they furnished fabricated experience certificates with longer than actual work duration to boost hiring prospects with the collusion of recruitment agents. It also came to light that in some cases the agents had submitted forged experience certificates on behalf of the nurses without their knowledge. A nurse fraudulent agents have tainted the reputation of hard-working and well-qualified nurses from these countries, officials said.

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The nurses who were found guilty of forgery have been lodged in various prisons in Makkah, Riyadh, Eastern Province, Qassim and other regions. At least a dozen nurses from the Philippines have been arrested in Jeddah and other cities of the Makkah province while 30 others face probe in Riyadh and the Eastern Province.

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Also, saudi significant number of nurses from Pinay are facing a similar fate for pinay of certificates, according to sources. One nurse three Indian nurses who were arrested in Taif was found innocent by the court, which ordered the Ministry of Health to reinstate her.

However, the ministry terminated her services and repatriated her.

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