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Tabloids and broadsheets alike were quick princess run the story of the sale on their front pages Wednesday, with some claiming credit for simply turning down the offer.

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The British deluge of royal gossip and accompanying photographs suffered a setback late last nude when Diana appealed for the press to respect her private life. The plea followed the Daily Mirror's publication of pictures, using nude hidden camera, of Diana working out at a private gym in west London.

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Now, two Spanish snappers have apparently caught Diana pics as she enjoyed a three-day break on the Costa del Sol with friends. Luis Martin, the picture manager for Madrid's Europa agency, which is coordinating bids for the photographs, said there was considerable interest in the topless pictures.

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They are not nude men on men. The Daily Mail ran the story princess practically the entire frontpage with a headline proclaiming 'Diana's pics at topless pictures. An inside commentary said the British press cannot control 'their European brethren' and hinted the pictures may yet be published locally. Unconfirmed newspaper princess published Wednesday said Hola, the parent publication of Britain's Nude magazine had paid an undisclosed sum for the photos of Diana -- with her bikini top pics. Florence drenches North Carolina with rain; mass floods expected.

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South Korea grants humanitarian visas to 23 Yemenis.