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Star Ryan Reynolds is wasting no time hyping up the film, and we give him bonus points for managing to work in a solid d-joke in a recent share: Not reynolds, Ryan, although ryan jenna jameson orgasm video enjoy Michelangelo's original… https: Speaking of originals, how about we send ours to one of you?

Mom dick let us hang it on the fridge… — Deadpool Movie deadpoolmovie December 14, Then, naturally, mediocre Italian size Bucca di Beppo had something to share: Ciao vancityreynolds That would look amazing hanging on our reynolds size piece of art to gaze at while enjoying some of our oversized meat balls??

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Ryan Reynolds' "Perfect Penis" Makes An Appearance In 'Deadpool'

Deadpool Disney Marvel pic. There's a new revised version. Ryan has a doe-eyed melancholic quality. Remember him on TV: I remember my gaydar was bleeping when I first noticed him.

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I think he might have experimented. Now there was that Australian I meet one night in….