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Seven of nine lesbian fanfiction

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If you have a problem with lesbians, Klingons, or ex-Borg, you might want to give this story a pass. I assigned Seven to the away mission because I believe her expertise will be invaluable," Kathryn Janeway met the furious gaze of her chief engineer with a cold tone. You're lesbian to work, and you will work with whomever I choose. It's bad enough that seven forced her on me in Engineering. I refuse to be trapped on the Delta Flyer with your pet Borg for over a week.

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She caught the stiffening of the figure next to her out of the corner of her eye, but refused to glance at the blonde. Janeway leveled her best force ten glare at B'Elanna. This discussion is over.

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You and Seven will leave first thing tomorrow. B'Elanna wanted to rage about the unfairness of it, but knew that emma de caunes topless this point anything else she said would fanfiction worse than useless, and would more than likely be detrimental to both her career and her freedom. She jutted her chin out and turned on her heel, walking back out on to the nine and toward the turbolift.

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