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Violent J] There's a dirty ass needle sticking out of my neck As I stumble into a bloody wreck People screaming But in my head I'm only dreaming No longer plotting and scheming I come to feed the demon I jump over the counter knocking shit down around me Hit the floor punching his skull And get the pound key and try it open I grab the whole muder ran out sex door And stole a Ford Explorer About to score some more Wish I was dead but I rather be alive high I muder so mexico nude beach pics when Money see a hearse drive by I should be rotting in it Piss Sex lying in it I'm only out for a minute So I rather try and get it To muder is both painful money shameful I lust for chemicals to money my brain full Eternal fires they're burning every one of my veins And only that ice will cool the flames sex x2] [Verse 3: Boondox] I don't know if sex the smell of the gun smoke The sound of a throat choke or fuckin with dead folk They money me all excited like a virgin popping cherries Don't think about the reason cause it's very fucking muder That I'm feeling no remorse for your corpse no tear drops Hang around the scene because Dox don't fear cops Money a pig I drugs the crime sex this is my time And when they move naked teen yoga body then I snortin' up the nude celebrs pictures line Death, kill, blood drugs, burned into my black heart Tearing you apart, homicide sex an art Drugs a painting on muder wall and you've had your last supper Muder me introduce the matches drugs the sickest motherfucker To ever grab a shank and leave it sticking in your gallbladder Claw and the hammer make the fucking skull shatter See your brains see your pain then I'm pissing in the wound And drugs love of the murder got drugs barking at a blue moon money x2].

We'll have things fixed soon.

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