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When left alone with their sister and her friend, they get into more trouble. The twins knew they were in trouble as soon as they heard their mother's voice.

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They grabbed their swimming trunks from the side of the family's backyard pool and slipped them on underwater. Then they scrambled out spanked the pool, quickly dried off, and dashed inside.


Julie was the boys' 9-year old sister. Tanner crossed her arms and glared at her sons. They kept their mouths shut. Why confess to something until they knew how much she had actually seen?

DIAPER PUNISHMENT FOR THE TWINS - Diaper Punishment for the Twins - Wattpad

Tanner, breaking the silence. Don't even try denying it! I've told you before not to swim like that. You're not little boys anymore.

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Besides, we've got a fence around the backyard. Nobody could see us. Why can't we diaper naked when nobody is around?