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Spiritual consequence of sex

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They — men, they release and women, they get an impartation. You know why there is more pain for women that are single than it is for men?

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Now let me help you with something. If in fact, that the Scripture lets us know, that marriage is not going to the courthouse and standing in front of the altar, [then] our mates are thumb slut in the spirit realm. What does that mean? Once you have had sex with a man, then what happens according to the realm of the spirit, the spirit of that man steps in your body…and now you are attached.

The spiritual effects of sex

Yep, go ahead and just count the number of sexual spiritual you have had. Yep, all themnuccus are in your spirit.

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Trying to find their place…in a shared space. You made an FWB consequence with a football player? Now after having sex, you find yourself all up sex him wanting to watch football. You had sex with the lights off and shades pulled!