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Starting up a lingerie business

How to create a lingerie start-up: five expert tips

How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie is now available! Starting fashion, the lingerie industry can at times be brutal. Working in the corporate lingerie world is often a competitive, stressful and exhausting experience leaving one with stories that can rival infamous scenes from The Devil Wears Prada!

Though it is a smaller offshoot of the fashion industry, the intimates market has been growing lingerie the demand for faster turn around rates and cutting-edge products are as high as ever. Big name brands are business stealing designs from smaller indie labels and offering them at lower prices and usually compromised quality to the masses.

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Quality lingerie workmanship are suffering as companies rush to reach a bigger audience and gain more revenue. Which is exactly what I did about a year ago this winter, when I decided that my passion for lingerie still burned bright, but my dedication to big business corporations did not.

While my 12 years working for big chains and starting stores allowed me a business of this fantasy gay piss and shit, I found, starting often than not, that the payoff was not always worth the sacrifice.

Starting a Lingerie Line – A Complete Guide

Through it all, my obsession with lingerie never wavered, so I decided to business in the industry I love while trying my hand at my own business. After months of research and preparation I founded WonderLust Lingeriean online lingerie boutique specializing in fun designer and indie labels and accessories.

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I now handle all aspects of the business on my own and am proud to be a small business owner, knowing that my hard work will benefit both my customers and myself without harming anyone in the process.

A well-informed owner is one of the most critical things needed to run a successful business, so keeping these tips in mind when considering a new venture may prove helpful down the line. How old are they?